If you are interested in contacts — or you already wear them and want to have your contact lens prescription updated — make sure you say so when you schedule your appointment. This will ensure your exam includes extra time for Dr. Bosak to perform the additional tests needed for a proper contact lens fitting or prescription update.

What is a Contact Lens Exam? 

If you currently wear or are considering contacts, you will need a contact lens exam in addition to a comprehensive eye exam.

Dr. Bosak will perform additional special tests during a contact lens exam to evaluate your eye and your vision for contact lens wear. These tests will include measuring the front surface of your eye to determine the size and type of contacts best suited for your eyes. He may also do a tear film evaluation to make sure you have enough tears to comfortably wear contacts. 

Your eyeglass prescription is not a substitute for and often different from your contact lens prescription. A prescription for glasses is determined based on the lenses being positioned in front of your eyes; where a contact lens prescription is based on lenses that sit directly on the surface of your eyes. That fact, coupled with the additional measurements required to maintain the health of your eyes in contacts, is why these two prescriptions are actually very different. Improperly fit, contacts can damage the health of the eyes. 

Once you have the correct fit and prescription for contacts, you and Dr. Bosak will discuss whether you want disposable contacts or extended wear, and if you want your contacts to darken outside or change the color of your eyes. 

Whether you wear glasses, contacts or both, keeping your yearly appointment is very important. We need to see if you have any new or existing vision concerns, and make certain you are seeing your best.

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