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Whether it’s the things you like, the way you smile or even the style of your hair, you really are unique – these are the things that make you who you are.
Even your eyes are unique, no two eyes in the world are ever the same. It’s because of this that there is such an abundance of spectacle lenses that can be tailor-made, exclusively for the eyes of each and every one of us.

For over 50 years, Goodrich Optical has been at the forefront of spectacle lens technology. Our knowledge and expertise are unsurpassed.

In the past, we offered a wide range of high quality lenses. But until now, none that took into account just how unique your eyes are.

Using your personal fitting requirements, the Opticians at Goodrich Optical can go one step further in the customization of your lenses.

Currently, all spectacles lenses assume each person has the same needs. In reality your needs are different than your neighbors. They vary from person to person & even from your left eye to your right. By using dynamic 3D measurements, our Opticians can pinpoint the exact requirements for every eye.

This precious data can be added to your personalized lens calculations, meaning that your spectacle lenses are up to 5x more optically precise, wherever your looking through them. These lenses are only available through your FreeForm Specialists at Goodrich Optical.

The benefits of having FreeForm personalized lenses is that all the visual areas of your lenses are in their optimal position in relation to your eyes when you wear your spectacles, so you’ll have high resolution vision that is instant and effortless.

FreeForm personalized lenses are available in single vision and several progressive designs to accommodate your unique needs. Each design offers different levels of customization. You’ll really notice the difference regardless of your prescription.

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Uniquely you

To enable Goodrich Optical to personalize your custom FreeForm lenses exclusively for you, our Opticians will need to take some additional measurements of your unique features. These measurements allow our Opticians to obtain every specific parameter required for your FreeForm Lenses – with extreme accuracy.

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