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We offer the largest selection of frames and lenses in the Greater Lansing area. Our Opticians personally select each frame we offer and take great care in our frames offerings. We carry the latest in designer, top-quality eyewear, and sun wear.

Despite our love for the finest eyeglass frames from around the world, we will be the first to admit lenses just aren’t that sexy to most people. However, we understand that seeing better is of utmost importance. We get that helping you see better is our job, and we take that seriously. If you haven’t purchased new eyeglass lenses in the last few years, you will be amazed with the advances in lens technology that allow eyeglass-wearers better vision than ever before with thinner, lighter-weight materials and customized free-form, digital lenses.

Many of the lenses we carry now are custom-ground to personally fit you, and only you. This breakthrough in digitally designed lenses has made a tremendous effect on an individual’s visual clarity.

Goodrich Optical offers many advanced lens options from which to choose. Suited to your specific prescription, frame, and lifestyle needs.

“This online shop offers glasses a lot less costly, why should I buy from you”?

Most of us refer to the Internet as a great way to find deals, discover hard to find brands, or stumble upon whatever is cheapest.  However, most people don’t realize that buying from a trusted eye care professional, Like Goodrich Optical, not only is the best option to find a great pair of glasses but will provide you with lower costs, great customer service, and an exact prescription.

But isn’t buying online so much cheaper and faster?

Many online sites appear to promote great deals, free shipping, and strive to save you money, but you really don’t know if that’s the lowest price available. Only someone who has been in the eye care business for many years can really give you an honest estimate. The best thing about buying from your local eye care professional is judging their integrity, which a faceless website can’t provide.  Also, We are in touch with manufacturers to achieve special deals, rebates, or trunk shows that you won’t find online.

Quality and accuracy issues.

A recent study of the top online eyeglass vendors showed that the execution of the prescription would not pass ANSI standards in about half of the more than 200 pairs ordered online. The reason why these glasses didn’t pass inspection was one of two things: they were not safe to wear (too easily broken) or they do not match the prescription ordered.

You can’t get custom adjustments from your computer screen, and you can’t possibly expect personalized service regarding the various options available that may interest you when you purchase online. And the frame selection is never as good as in person.

Finally, Common Sense.  

Whether you believe in shopping and supporting local business or not, you know when something seems fishy when it’s supposed to be a regulated profession.

  • Don’t buy product that serve as a medical device if they charge sales tax on it like a commodity.
  • Don’t hold a dollar bill next to your face or trace a credit card on the screen to give scale so an algorithm can decipher how far apart your eyes are. This is part of the service done in person and more accurately by a human.
  • Don’t make an educated guess about which frame fits you best, ask an expert who can give you feedback on just what frame would work best for you.
  • Don’t take your shoes off and count several paces away from a screen to measure your vision when your local optometrist has standard letters calibrated a set distance away from a cozy examination chair. And,
  • Don’t order from any entity that doesn’t get approval from a doctor before charging you and beginning the process of executing the prescription.


Goodrich Optical

Our Eyewear Specialists can recommend the correct frames to properly compliment your facial characteristics while taking into consideration such things as your prescription and ocular needs as well as aesthetics and occupational requirement.

Once your perfectly unique frame is chosen, our staff of certified Opticians will evaluate your lifestyle needs, occupational habits and personal desires to ensure the best digital lens technology and optical performance options are recommended to meet all your unique requirements. We will evaluate and obtain up to 14 unique measurements necessary to customize your eyewear to your exact needs.

We match your frame with the latest ophthalmic lens designs to complete your perfect “look”. We carry an extraordinary collection of designer frames including Cazal, Vera Wang, Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo, Minima, Laibach and York, and many others.

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