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Sadly, many people believe that wearing regular eyeglasses during sports will protect their eyes.

The truth, however, is just the opposite. The lenses of regular eyeglasses can shatter upon impact by an object, which could lead to a penetrating injury. Dress eyewear made of metal can break leaving a sharp pointed spear near the eye. All sports goggles and glasses should be made with trivex or polycarbonate lenses. Trivex and Polycarbonate lenses are much more impact resistant than regular lenses. Impact sports each have a certain type of recommended protective eyewear, determined by ASTM International (a global standards developer). High-risk sports that require protective eyewear include basketball, baseball, hockey, football, lacrosse, fencing, paintball, water polo, racquetball, soccer, and downhill skiing.
Goodrich Optical says- In order to protect your child’s vision, you must be proactive in protecting their eyes during sports activities. Many youth and children’s teams don’t require eye protection. Insist that your children wear safety glasses or goggles whenever they play. Also, remember to set a good example by wearing eye protection yourself.

Industrial Safety and PPE

Eye injuries are very common in the workplace. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), about 2,000 people in the US sustain vision-threatening eye injuries on the job every day. Accidents and injuries to the eyes at work include chemical and grease splashes, steam burns, ultraviolet radiation exposure, and flying pieces of wood or metal. Severe damage to the eye is often caused by actual cuts and scrapes to the eye itself.

Besides serious eye injuries, some workers may also be at risk of developing diseases from eye exposure. Some infectious diseases can be transmitted through the mucous membranes of the eye. Direct exposure to blood splashes, respiratory droplets from coughing, or from touching the eyes with contaminated fingers or other objects are often culprits. The good news is that safety experts and eye doctors believe that eye protection can lessen the severity of eye injuries, and in some cases even prevent them.

At Goodrich Optical, our collection of prescription safety glasses and PPE includes an array of frames styles that meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements, and meet or exceed current Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety standards. Protect your eyes on the job and enjoy the optical clarity you need.

We carry styles from Pentax, Hudson, Uvex/Titmus among others. Traditional, wrap arounds, goggles, respirators and Rx Inserts. We carry something for every occupation.

Sports Glasses

Most parents wouldn’t think that an innocent game of softball could lead their child to the emergency room, but sports and recreational activities cause more than 40,000 eye injuries each year, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Did you know that baseball is the main cause of sports-related injuries in kids 5 to 14? Accidents or misjudging the speed or distance of a flying ball could cause a hit to the face. However, according to Prevent Blindness America, 90 percent of sports-related eye injuries can be prevented by using proper protective eyewear.

Children and adults. Are you looking for some awesome Sports/safety eyewear? You’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s Football, Soccer or Lacrosse. Biking (Motorcycle or peddle), Fishing, golf. Shooting, scuba diving, you name it . We have an incredible selection of eyewear that can be custom-tailored to meet your needs.

Tactical and Shooting

Prescription Shooting Glasses and Tactical Sunglasses from Goodrich Optical come with something you won’t find anywhere else. A certified Master Optician who holds a Distinguished Expert rating in rifle as wells as having qualified for, and attended the Olympic Training Center for Skeet Shooting. His knowledge and experience in the unique needs of shooters is unmatched. At Goodrich Optical our specialty eyewear is made using the newest Free-Form Digital lens technology providing the best vision possible, with the most distortion-free peripheral vision. Unique accommodations can be made for shooters who require progressive lenses to focus on their front sight.

First responders who require ANSI Approved frames for their prescription tactical eyewear and PPE can find a multitude of options to accommodate your needs.

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