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Steady Plus Methodology

Steady Plus Methodology carefully balances the mean power required for intermediate and near vision, achieving a perfectly symmetrical and smooth distribution.

Steady Plus Methodology, only available in Camber Steady Plus Progressive lens designs, is an improvement of Steady Methodology. Steady Plus Methodology allows for more sophisticated control of the mean power distribution to improve performance for intermediate and near vision.

Superior image stability for more comfortable vision

Goodrich Optical has developed new design tools with advanced mathematics that allow for the addition of Steady Methodology into every general-use Goodrich Optical progressive design.

Goodrich Optical’s patented Steady Methodology is a technological breakthrough in free-form, digital lenses. In addition to controlling for unwanted cylinder power, Steady Methodology addresses unwanted changes to mean power in the lateral areas of the lens.

This will enable Goodrich Optical to provide superior progressive lenses for all lifestyles and market segments. In addition, Camber Steady Plus Progressive lenses now include Steady Plus Methodology, an improvement to Steady Methodology that also provides superior binocular visual performance for mid-range and near vision.

Inspired by stability

Swim effect is a non-stable perception of the surroundings that causes discomfort, and reduces overall lens satisfaction, making adaptation more difficult. Despite advancements made in progressive lenses, patients still experience swim effect. Lenses designed with Steady Plus Methodology provide progressive lens wearers with more stable and natural vision.

Past efforts to reduce swim effect in progressive lenses have primarily focused on the reduction and precise placement of unwanted cylinder error in the lateral areas of the lens. However, unwanted mean power also plays a significant role in the perception of swim effect, and in overall wearer satisfaction. Mean power error can drastically increase blur and reduce visual acuity.


  • Improved visual performance in intermediate and near.

Distribution of spherical equivalent with Steady Methodology and Steady Plus Methodology

Rx: Plano Sph. +2.00

Traditional progressive lens

Lens with Steady Methodology

Lens with Steady Plus Methodology

Lenses available with Steady Plus Methodology:

Camber Steady Plus Progressive.

Steady Plus Methodology adds a substantial improvement in the wearer’s binocular performance and provides a smoother visual experience as both eyes perceive identical powers for each gaze direction.

Proven results

Excellent near vision*

Excellent near and intermediate vision*

In a double-blind study:

•    Wearers wore the progressive glasses for a week. At no time did they know the type of lens they were wearing.
•    All wearers were asked about their user experience and level of satisfaction.

* Scores of 4 and 5 on a scale of 0 to 5.


Strict control of mean power in distance area of the lens

Significantly reduces mean power error.

Binocular balance improvement

Mean power in intermediate and near areas of the lenses are completely symmetrical.
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