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Dr. David Bosak is a therapeutic optometrist. A primary care doctor for your eyes. Quite different from a regular optometrist, who provides eye exams and corrective lenses. Dr. Bosak actually treats diseases of the eyes, such as Glaucoma, can prescribe medications and is qualified to care for you, both before and after eye surgeries. A therapeutic optometrist is not an eye surgeon.

Dr. Bosak provides Comprehensive eye exams for all types of glasses, and contact lenses. He is also qualified to diagnose and treat Glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, eye allergies and some forms of eye trauma. He can also diagnose and treat other disorders of the visual system and it’s structures as well as diagnose other systemic diseases related to the eye.

If you would like to be treated by an eye doctor that has the knowledge and skill necessary to treat you beyond just prescribing corrective lenses, Dr. Bosak may be just who you are looking for.

Choosing Dr. Bosak also allows you to see the same doctor for most of your eye care needs, with the exception of surgery, and not have to be referred to an unfamiliar doctor. Dr Bosak is also licensed to perform minor procedures such as foreign body removal, injuries to the cornea, eyelid and lacrimal problems.

The education requirements for a therapeutic optometrist are a four year post graduate degree program. Studies include many subjects that are also studied by medical doctors including: human anatomy, pharmacology, systemic diseases, microbiology, pathology, biochemistry, epidemiology and psychology. All of this is in addition to the extensive study of the ocular system, optics, and anatomy/physiology of the visual system.

Therapeutic optometrists are always up-to-date on the latest medical treatments and techniques in vision care. They are required, in order to maintain their licenses, to have at least 16 hours per year of continuing education. This assures that you are receiving the best possible treatment, using the latest techniques.

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