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Endless Drive Progressive

A premium quality progressive lens for day or night driving.

A standard progressive lens may be uncomfortable for driving. Perhaps the visual field is insufficient, or peripheral vision is limited. At night, the lack of light complicates matters, increasing hazards and causing fatigue. In addition, one out of three wearers experience night myopia, considerably reducing their ability to focus on distant objects.

Endless Drive Progressive is a unique customized lens. Its power distribution is specifically adapted for driving. Its night vision zone compensates for the difference in refractive error that occurs between day and night. It provides greater visual acuity and reduces eyestrain.

By incorporating Goodrich Optical Digital Ray-Path 2 Technology, the lens optimization process takes into account the wearer’s accommodative ability to focus on different distances. The level of customization is therefore much more sophisticated and effective than previous methods.
97% of wearers who have used Endless Drive Progressive lenses have felt much more comfortable driving both during the day and at night.
Endless Drive Progressive lenses can be recommended for general use.


Use: Special
Product: Personalized
Frequency of use: Regular

Ideal wearer

Drivers looking for the most innovative solutions.
Wearers looking for greater comfort, visual quality, and safety while driving.
Wearers who feel they see worse at night than during the day.
Wearers with all types of prescription and addition powers.


Material & blank provider: Endless Drive Progressive lenses are compatible with any blank provider and lens index.
Coatings: Endless Drive Progressive lenses are compatible with any coatings you run at your lab.
Machinery & LMS​: Endless Drive Progressive lenses are compatible with almost any machinery supplier and LMS.

Endless Drive Progressive Technologies

Digital Ray-Path 2

Oblique aberrations are minimized more effectively than ever by incorporating the intelligent use of wearers’ accommodation into traditional calculations.
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Unique power distribution based on the visual needs of drivers

Endless Drive Progressive lenses have a unique power distribution based on the way we see while driving. They have been developed to maximize the near and mid-range vision zones.
Its unique power distribution is based on three key aspects:

Endless Drive Progressive

•     Has a night vision area.
•     The distance area is larger.
•     The upper-intermediate area is wider.
•     Lateral astigmatism is considerably reduced.


Progression profile: This lens incorporates extra negative power (up to 0.25 D) in the upper area of the lens to compensate for the effects of night myopia.


Unwanted astigmatism: Endless Drive Progressive lenses have a maximum astigmatism level 14.6% lower than that of general-use premium progressive lenses. This improves vision in the peripheral areas of the lens and increases the visual range.


Unique Configuration: Endless Drive Progressive lenses are 70% wider in the distance and 45% in the upper-intermediate when compared to premium general-use lenses. Wearers will enjoy expanded views of the road, dashboard, and mirrors.

Endless Drive Progressive Benefits

  • Improves the visual experience of the wearer when driving in daytime and nighttime conditions.

  • Compensates for the effects of night myopia with a unique zone to provide better focus.

  • Optimized vision for a better view of the dashboard and mirrors.

  • Reduces visual fatigue symptoms when driving at night.

  • Greater visual acuity for easy focus and more agile eye movement.

Endless Drive Progressive Features


The design is further enhanced, when desired, by a complete set of individualization parameters that take into consideration the unique attributes of the frame and the preferences of the wearer. If no parameters are provided, Goodrich Optical Digital Ray-Path 2 will utilize default values.

Compensated power

Lens power differs from prescribed power. The design is calculated, point by point, to ensure wearers perceive the proper power when looking through their lenses at every distance and direction of gaze, including near distances for viewing electronic devices.

Optimized for accommodative object space

Goodrich Optical Digital Ray-Path 2 incorporates the intelligent use of the wearer’s accommodation into the traditional calculations for reducing oblique aberrations, resulting in a superior personalized lens. Oblique aberrations are minimized more effectively than ever before.


The perceived power distribution remains stable, regardless of the prescription or base curve. This is especially beneficial for high prescriptions and large or wrapped frames.
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