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Endless Steady Progressive

Personalized free-form progressive lens with an advanced design. Provides impeccable visual quality.

One of the main advantages of free-form technology is it allows for the complete customization of lenses for each wearer. There are many personalized lenses on the market. They all seek to improve visual quality through customization. Endless Steady Progressive lenses are different.

Endless Steady Progressive lenses revolutionize the current concept of personalization to incorporating Goodrich Optical Digital Ray-Path 2 Technology. Endless Steady Progressive lenses are more sophisticated and effective than a traditional personalized lens because the optimization process also considers the wearer’s accommodative ability to focus at different distances.

Endless Steady Progressive lenses also incorporate Steady Methodology to drastically reduce swim effect caused by lateral image distortion.
A free-form progressive lens that adapts to every lifestyle. Wide viewing range at any distance.


Use: General
Product: Personalized
Frequency of use: Regular

Ideal wearer

Those looking for the best visual quality.
Those who want the most innovative solutions.
Wearers looking for maximum visual comfort.
Digitally connected wearers.
Wearers with all types of prescription and addition powers.


Material & blank provider: Endless Steady Progressive lenses are compatible with any blank provider and lens index.
Coatings: Endless Steady Progressive lenses are compatible with any coatings you run at your lab.
Machinery & LMS​: Endless Steady Progressive lenses are compatible with almost any machinery supplier and LMS.

Endless Steady Progressive Technologies

Digital Ray-Path 2

Oblique aberrations are minimized more effectively than ever by incorporating the intelligent use of wearers’ accommodation into traditional calculations.
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Steady Methodology

This methodology, patented by Goodrich Optical, is a technological breakthrough in digital lenses. It provides a strict control of average power in the far distance vision zone and virtually eliminates peripheral spherical power error.
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Improvement of visual range according to the wearer’s lifestyle

A wearer may prefer one progressive lens over another based on their expectations and visual demands. Goodrich Optical’s general-purpose progressive lenses can be configured for patients’ lifestyles. This provides a more suitable lens design, and greater wearer satisfaction.

The design features an initial configuration where the distance, near, and intermediate fields are balanced. This configuration makes the product more versatile and adapts to most wearers. It´s the most popular and easiest to prescribe.

Three additional configurations are available for patients with specific lifestyle needs.

Endless Steady Progressive Benefits

  • Precise and comfortable focusing for all working distances in any direction of gaze.

  • Near elimination of peripheral blur.

  • Superior visual quality when using digital devices.

  • Higher image stability for reduced swim effect.

  • Improvement of peripheral visual acuity in the distance zone.

Endless Steady Progressive Options

Near Vision

Endless Steady Progressive

Ideal wearer:

Expert or novice progressive lens wearers who have visual demands that call for a larger more usable near area.
Distance Vision

Endless Steady Progressive

Ideal wearer:

Expert or novice progressive lens wearers who have visual demands that call for a larger more usable distance area.
Intermediate Vision

Endless Steady Progressive

Ideal wearer:

First-time wearers, wearers who have experienced non-adapts with other progressive lenses, and those who have visual demands that call for a larger more usable intermediate area.

Endless Steady Progressive Features


The design is further enhanced, when desired, by a complete set of individualization parameters that take into consideration the unique attributes of the frame and the preferences of the wearer. If no parameters are provided, Goodrich Optical Digital Ray-Path 2 will utilize default values.

Compensated power

Lens power differs from prescribed power. The design is calculated, point by point, to ensure wearers perceive the proper power when looking through their lenses at every distance and direction of gaze, including near distances for viewing electronic devices.

Optimized for accommodative object space

Goodrich Optical Digital Ray-Path 2 incorporates the intelligent use of the wearer’s accommodation into the traditional calculations for reducing oblique aberrations, resulting in a superior personalized lens. Oblique aberrations are minimized more effectively than ever before.


The perceived power distribution remains stable, regardless of the prescription or base curve. This is especially beneficial for high prescriptions and large or wrapped frames.

Strict control of mean power in distance area of the lens

Significantly reduces mean power error.
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