Do Anti-Fatigue Lenses Really Help?

My Optometrist recommended anti-fatigue lenses. Are they necessary?

Anti-fatigue lenses are particularly helpful for close-up work. If you, like so many today, rely on your distance-only single-vision lenses, to see your screen clearly, anti-fatigue lenses may be the ideal solution for you.

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Throughout the workday, the muscles of your eyes are under constant contraction helping your eyes to focus clearly up close. Things like your smartphone, tablet, textbook, or computer monitors. Anything you use or do up close, for any length of time can cause these muscle contractions which in turn cause eye strain. Burning, itchy, tired eyes are just a few symptoms. Headaches and blurred vision may also result.

Anti-fatigue lenses are primarily used by people who require a distance correction but are not ready for or in need of progressive, multifocal lenses. Typically, if you are under 40, then these lenses offer a great solution to overcoming the visual fatigue associated with near-vision tasks. Like your current eyewear, you can wear glasses with anti-fatigue lenses all day. The upper portion of the lens allows for clear distance vision while the lower portion will increase the amount of time you can work up close. avoiding the symptoms of visual fatigue.

While Anti-fatigue lenses may cost a little more, they are well worth it if you are experiencing the symptoms of eye strain and visual fatigue. They ease the tired eyes and blurred vision so often experienced while reading, writing, crafting, and the myriad other tasks you perform that require your eyes to focus up close.

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